Ecliptic Prism


Indulge in the captivating elegance of geometrical shapes and tinted glass converge in a striking display. Composed of plain, bronze, grey, and black-tinted glass, each section showcases distinct shapes that intertwine to create a visually stimulating mosaic. The plain glass exudes timeless grace, bronze adds warmth, grey imparts tranquility, and black brings modernity. This bespoke mirror harmonizes artistry and geometry, transforming any space into a captivating reflection of style and sophistication.

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The warm, earthy tones of the antique glass is purposefully fabricated to have it's pattern warp around the central plain mirror. But what truly sets this mirror apart is its extraordinary snake-scale texture. Every inch of the glass is meticulously embossed with a delicate pattern, resembling the scales of a serpent. Whether it's to complement your eclectic décor or to serve as a striking focal point, this mirror is guaranteed to elevate your interior design to new heights
The combination of the rounded corners and the smooth integration into the white-tinted glass creates a contemporary and seamless look that effortlessly enhances your interior decor. The chestnut-stained oak border adds a timeless appeal and brings a touch of natural beauty to the mirror. With its oblong shape, this mirror offers a versatile and elongating effect, making it an ideal addition to hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, or any space in need of a stylish accent. The carefully selected materials and expert craftsmanship ensure durability and longevity, making this mirror a lasting investment for your home.
What sets this mirror apart is the exquisite gold resin that gracefully encases the edges. The flowing and organic patterns of the resin evoke a sense of artistry and luxury, beautifully complementing the cyan-tinted glass. The rich golden tones provide a stunning contrast against the calming cyan backdrop, adding a touch of opulence and refinement.
A true marvel in the realm of aesthetic sophistication. This circular mirror harmoniously blends three distinct types of glass into a dazzling configuration inspired by one of nature’s most elegant forms – the water droplet. This mirror features an exquisite mix of copper glass, dark brown glass, and plain glass. The radiant hues of copper provide a luxurious touch, instilling a warm glow to your space. The dark brown glass, on the other hand, introduces a deep, earthy tone that is both captivating and soothing. It provides a beautiful contrast that complements the copper's warm radiance. Finally, the clear plain glass adds a clean and pure element, refracting light in the most enchanting way, making the entire piece glimmer and sparkle.
This oblong misshapen masterpiece features a transparent smoke-tinted glass backing, casting an enchanting veil over your reflection. Hang it on your wall and watch as it transforms your space, breaking free from symmetry to embrace individuality. Infuse modern interiors with a touch of edginess, revealing the enigmatic beauty of your surroundings and let the whispers of elegance and innovative design resonate through every room.
A testament to the timeless allure of the golden ratio. Crafted with meticulous precision, this mirror features quarter-circles and their inverses elegantly trapped within squares. Each segment showcases a unique tinted glass mirror, including plain, champagne, rose gold, bronze, and black. The interplay of these colors evokes sophistication and elegance, while the harmonious design draws the eye into a captivating journey of balance and symmetry. Elevate your space with the enchanting allure of the Aurelian Harmony Mirror, where art and mathematics converge in a symphony of beauty and grace.



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