Layered Rhombus


£ 300.00 

Our exquisite oblong layered mirror, a unique and eye-catching structure that is sure to make a bold statement in any room. The mirror features two distinct layers, each with its own shape and finish. The first layer is an octagonal-shaped black-tinted glass mirror, which adds a touch of mystery and depth to the overall design. The tinted glass gives the mirror a smoky, reflective quality that is both alluring and intriguing. Layered on top of the black-tinted glass mirror is a hexagonal plain glass mirror, which adds a contrasting element to the design. The plain glass has a crystal-clear finish that reflects light beautifully, creating a dazzling display that is both modern and timeless. The combination of the two layers creates a stunning visual effect, with the hexagonal mirror seemingly floating on top of the octagonal mirror. This bespoke mirror is hand-crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that every detail is perfect, and each mirror is truly one-of-a-kind.

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A dynamic and visually mesmerizing rectangle mirror that will add a touch of modern art to any space. This piece is made up of different geometric shapes, some are plain mirrors, and others are tinted glass in different colors, creating a prismatic effect. The combination of the mirrors and the tinted glass adds depth and dimension to the piece. The thin metal gold-colored frame adds a touch of elegance and luxury, complementing the different colors and shapes perfectly.
This unique set of five pebble-shaped mirrors is designed to bring a touch of natural elegance and contemporary sophistication to your home or office. Each mirror is crafted from the highest quality tinted glass, creating a mesmerizing display of light and reflections. This exquisite set features three bronze-tinted glass mirrors and two black-tinted glass mirrors, all carefully arranged in a horizontal alignment that exudes both harmony and visual intrigue. Left 3 Bronze Tinted Mirrors: 308 x 296 mm
475 x 513 mm
273 x 284 mm Right 2 Black Mirrors:
458 x 637 mm
426 x 470 mm
A truly mesmerizing set of abstract shapes that will add a touch of modern art to any space. This piece features an irregular oval-shaped piece of glass suspended above a larger irregular shape made from bronze-tinted glass. The oval shape appears to be floating above the larger shape creating a dynamic and visually striking effect. The bronze-tinted glass adds a touch of warmth and richness to the piece, complementing the clear glass perfectly.
A circular mirror, half plain and half textured with antique and distressed. Finished with a gold acrylic spill to elevate what would normally be a flat surface. Captivate guests through varying mediums of texture.
The warm, earthy tones of the antique glass is purposefully fabricated to have it's pattern warp around the central plain mirror. But what truly sets this mirror apart is its extraordinary snake-scale texture. Every inch of the glass is meticulously embossed with a delicate pattern, resembling the scales of a serpent. Whether it's to complement your eclectic décor or to serve as a striking focal point, this mirror is guaranteed to elevate your interior design to new heights
The combination of the rounded corners and the smooth integration into the white-tinted glass creates a contemporary and seamless look that effortlessly enhances your interior decor. The chestnut-stained oak border adds a timeless appeal and brings a touch of natural beauty to the mirror. With its oblong shape, this mirror offers a versatile and elongating effect, making it an ideal addition to hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, or any space in need of a stylish accent. The carefully selected materials and expert craftsmanship ensure durability and longevity, making this mirror a lasting investment for your home.